Urinetown #16

Musical #16 was #Urinetown by #brisbaneacademyofmusicaltheatre. I was so keen for a fun night of satire, corny ballads, political digs, beautiful harmonies, synchronised lady dancing, a high-energy cast and laughter with @emily_the_elephant_yo! So grateful to #bamt for showing off their talent to make for the distraction, an enjoyable evening and a new soundtrack for my Musicals Playlist! #ayearofmusicals #urinetownthemusical #musicaltheatre #aussietheatre #brisbanemusicaltheatre #theatrenerd #findhope #freetopee (at Harvest Rain Theatre Company)

Spring Awakening #13

Musical #13 was Spring Awakening at UNSW! Ias stoked to see a guy from school who I haven’t seen in, like, 7 years doing his thing on stage. I don’t know how I went through all my years as an emo high schooler and young adult without this soundtrack in my life. All of the teen angst. The winning moment was Morris and Ilse’ “Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind” & had me teary. Overall I really, really enjoyed this creative and minimalist production, again, with a stellar cast. Oh, how I love Aussie Theatre!

#ayearofmusicals #springawakening #unswMusicalTheatreSociety #teenangst #aussietheatre #communitytheatre #musical theatre #purplesummer #thebitchofliving (at UNSW Musical Theatre Society – UNSW MTS)

Wicked #12

Musical #12 is Wicked and boy was I impressed!! The quality felt so close to the touring production 2 years ago. The leads were exceptional (AH! THOSE VOICES!!), the orchestra was on point & the set and costumes were amazing! There was no disappointed, only superseded expectations. A shout out to the dude in front of me who was also mouthing every single word with passion, sparking applause, in awe, before the songs even ended.

#ayearofmusicals #wicked #wickedimtc #musicaltheatre #amateurtheatreforthewin (at Ipswich Civic Centre)

Grease: Highschool-Style

tumblr_obugzb6dmf1r1zpgho1_1280Musical number 11 was watching some of my VERY talented teens in Grease. My word, those kids can sing!

I applaud the efforts of Mansfield High to try and make Grease ‘appropriate’ for high schoolers. I was very proud and reminded why I love working with youth 🙂

#ayearofmusicals #grease #totesinappropes #youthwork #highschoolproduction #mansfieldmusical

We Will Rock You $10

Musical #10 #WeWillRockYou. I had a blast rocking along to #queenclassics, laughing at cleverly crafted pop-culture satire while admiring the stand-out, committed, versatile and talented ensemble 💫.

What it lacked visually in regards to levels and staging dynamics was made up with energy, killer voices and strong, eccentric characters. @jazflowers had me covered in goosebumps and smiles (ahhhhh, she makes me so happy!) – blowing me away alongside @theerinclare22 (yet again – thank you #heathersoz), @simonmrussell & @thernreynolds. Thank you to the cast and crew of @rockyouau for a fun, hilarious and entertaining show!

#ayearofmusicals #wwryau #wewillrockyoumusical #aussietheatre #theatregeek #theatre #easilypleased #therapy #theatereview #citylife #brisbane #galileofigaro #scaramouche #bohemianrapsody #dreamer #iplanet #gaga (at Lyric Theatre – QPAC)

Musical #9: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Musical #9: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown with a dear friend! All I can say is, Hayes Theatre Company, you’ve done it again! An intimate and simple production that showcases the brilliance and talent that is Aussie Theatre. This show, traditionally for children, is still ridiculously entertaining for adults. Each character was embodied impeccably, taking me back to my childhood, amused at how Peanuts is still relevant as a social commentary. Cue the song and dance, cue the non-stop laughter, cue the applause and cue the intermission entertainment where a guy in the front row threw Nobby’s Peanuts onto the stage and stormed out of the theatre. If you love Australian, independent musical theatre; this isn’t one to miss!

Check out Laura Murphy and Nat Job perform ‘My New Philosophy’ on YouTube.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Number 8 & first amateur musical of the year was #JesusChristSuperstar by @queenslandmusicaltheatre !! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the principle cast and orchestra! It was certainly 100x more enjoyable than the Lismore Workers Club production I endured as a kid. The talent of #MaryMagdeline was fantastic and she was absolutely stunning!… and who would have thought #KingHerod would steal the show with one number. My love for the music was reignited – I think I have a new album to keep on repeat for a while! #ayearofmusicals #musicals #communitytheatre #queenslandmusicaltheater #spoileralert (at UQ Schonell Theatre)

Little Shop of Horrors Take 2

Number 7b – what do you do when a new group wants to see a musical you were already seeing? See it again and then take 100 ridiculous photos posing with a plant! Thank you for another stellar performance @littleshopoz!! @hayestheatre, you never cease to amaze me, please relocate to Brisbane! #hayestheatre #littleshopofhorrors #littleshopoz #feedmeseymour #ayearofmusicals #mentalhealthcopingstrategy (at QPAC – The Playhouse)

Little Shop of Love!

Musical Number 7 was the Little Shop of Horrors! Indulged this afternoon while enjoying the off-Broadway version of a childhood cult classic. Thank you @luckiestproductions, @tinderboxproductions, @estheryeah, @brenthill and the cast/crew of @littleshopoz for putting on a slick, fun, sassy, creative and crazy production! What a talented team! I would seriously recommend seeing it – you will be fed by all the laughs, all the talent, all the puppetry and all the kinds of (good) messed up!

#littleshopoz #ayearofmusicals #feedme #hayestheatre #seymore #littleshopofterror #audrey2 #skidrow (at QPAC – The Playhouse)